When to book your Phoenix Wedding Photographer…

When to book your Phoenix Wedding Photographer


So when to book your Phoenix Wedding Photographer…

Planning your wedding takes serious skill. It comes naturally for some and not so naturally for others. When it comes to booking your wedding photographer there are just a couple of things you need to already have planned and executed. At the top of your wedding planning list (and I think the MOST important) you have the man. Check ✔. The wedding date will need to be nailed down. so you can check off the next thing. You have your dream venue. Check ✔. The next thing you will want to book is your dream photographer. When you book majority of professional photographers will save a deposit on your wedding date but the price may very based off location! So make sure you have your wedding venue booked before sending off the inquiry with your chosen Phoenix wedding photographer.


When to book a wedding photographer

Ideally, and to be safe, you should inquire with your top Phoenix wedding photographer choice 12-15 months prior to your wedding date if possible. This is especially important if you are inquiring about a wedding date in the months of May-October, since this is the busy season in the wedding industry. Special dates like New Years Day, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Labor Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend, and Memorial Day weekend will book up in the 12-15 month range as well. Definitely inquire as early as possible with a photographer if you are holding a destination wedding or a multiple day affair. If you are having your wedding in January-April or in November or December, generally dates during these months tend to fill up later and more slowly. But, it never hurts to inquire and book early to be on the safe side.


The Good Ones go fast!

As a Phoenix wedding photographer, or any vendor for that matter, gets more popular, their dates book up faster. We’ve noticed this happens based on when we start to get inquiries. This doesn’t just apply to Phoenix wedding photography vendors either! Good dates go fast as well for all good vendors. Saturdays fill up earlier and faster than Fridays or Sundays. Prime spring or fall months usually fill up earlier and faster than winter, early spring, or hot summer dates. Holiday weekends tend to popular, and since there is only one memorial day, fourth of July, or labor day weekend per year, they go quickly too.


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