Prepare your pets for their Holiday photo session

Prepare your pets for their Holiday Photos!

The holidays are upon us, and that means pet photo sessions are in the works! If this is your first time getting photos with your pupster, there are a few things that you may not have thought about that can help make for a better experience.


Here are our top tips on how to prepare for a pet photo session!

Walk it out

To ensure your dog is calm and relaxed, take your dog on a good walk before the photo session, especially if they are high energy. This will help the Phoenix pet photographer to get better ‘in focus’ images, and your dog will feel a little more at ease since they have already burnt off a lot of energy.


Be sure to bring special treats to reward your dog and maybe to help encourage them into a really great picture.

Squeaky Toys + Props

If your dog is a big toy lover (the squeakier the better!) then be sure to bring their favorite toy along – or if they are not into toys, but have

a favorite blanket or sweater, bring them along too. These will provide another level of comfort for your dog. Not only will they make for sweet photos, but you can also use them to grab their attention and look your direction. Not all dogs love to look at the camera, so toys or props could be the golden ticket.


Definitely take some time to brush/groom your dog so they look nice and presentable for the photos, but don’t forget about yourself. Even if you weren’t intending on being in the photos, chances are you might be in some. Wear nice looking but comfortable walking shoes – they’ll probably be in the photos too!  Same goes for clothing, be yourself but maybe opt out of the rolled out of bed look.

Special Need-to-knows

Let your Phoenix pet photographer know ahead of time if your dog has anxieties or special needs. For example, if your dog tends to have anxiety around other dogs or perhaps traffic noises make them nervous, be sure to give your Phoenix pet photographer a heads up – that way they can plan ahead for locations.

Remember to always relax (if you relax, it will be easier for your dog to as well!) have fun and follow your Phoenix pet photographer’s lead.

Happy holiday prepping!


AUTHOR: Sarah –  Chic Sprinkles.

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