Jason Wraines ~ CEO, Photographer, Designer/Photo Editor

I originally started photography in 2002 with 2 film cameras, 2 lens, and about 4 rolls of film.

Since I was unable to afford photography classes, I began to teach myself by reading books, studying others images, and scouring the internet to learn everything I needed to know about equipment, aperture, and the best angles to capture what I saw.

I purchased my first Canon Rebel SLR 35mm film camera and began capturing images.

To advance my skills I purchased a second Canon Rebel 35mm film camera for black and white pictures. 

Eventually, Digital SLR cameras came out on to the market. 

While others were transitioning into the digital SLR cameras, I was still toting the old 35mm SLR film cameras.

One SLR camera was for the color film, and one was for black and white photographs. 

I eventually I got my first Digital SLR Camera, and my photography took off faster, and better then ever before. 

I continue to upgrade my equipment to some of the latest and greatest camera equipment. I now have 2 DSLR cameras, 3 different DSLR Flashes, tripods, 7 different Lens, and other photography equipment. 

It has taken quite a few years of trial and error to learn what images to capture, when to capture them, using the best light and the best angles to capture them at. I have spent over 15 years striving to take the best photographs I can. I continue to do it with the same main reason I got into photography. I wanted to capture all of the Lord's amazing and perfect works of art around us. Life in Motion...

Suzy Wraines ~ CFO/Photographer

Suzy Who was born and raised in the Alaska started off young seeing the beauty of nature. She had taken pictures before, but never really got into photography until she met her now husband along the beach in California. With his guidance, Suzy is really enjoying capturing nature through a camera lens. Now she is part of the photography team at Wraines Photography.

Suzy has over 3 years photography experience working along side her husband. He has show her the ropes and basics of photography. Now, she is his secondary photographer at larger events and when a client requests it. Suzy loves capturing the moments of people in a way that is unique to her photographer's eye.

Keeping Things Running

Not only is she taking photos, Suzy makes Wraines Photography run more smoothly with her Business degree. She brings organization to Wraines Photography as opposed to her husband who is a little more fly by the seat of your pants chaos. Her husband Jason, has the eye for the photography, while Suzy keeps him organized and on track.

Together Jason and Suzy make Wraines Photography a truly great Photography Business.

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