Wraines Photography is based in Phoenix, Arizona with two photographers, Jason and Suzy Wraines. We are a husband and wife team. With us you always get two photographer's (no additional charge). What makes our photography different here in Phoenix and the surrounding areas is we customize everything for your photography session.

We first find out a little about you in your consultation, either over the phone or meeting with you in person. Once we have an idea of what you would like the photographs to capture we work with your budget to make your vision a reality.

Family portrait, wedding, fashion, business, event, and pet photography are a few of the types of photography we do in Phoenix and surrounding areas. People sometimes wonder if we like being photographers in Arizona, especially Phoenix where it get so hot in the summer. Our answer to that is the sun is shining all year which helps with outdoor photography.

We do have to struggle through the hot months, but it is worth it when you have twelve months out of the year you can photograph outdoors. Another key to photography in Phoenix is to know what shots you want and photograph quickly. We have experience with this and understand how to manage in the heat. Not to mention winter time is lovely!

We love that you are checking out our photography! Take your time and look around. If you have any questions please contact us we are happy to help.


~Jason Wraines 

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Wraines Photography started because of how I the photographer see the world. When I was younger I kept seeing beautiful images in life and the natural beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and beauty among us that was all around me. I wanted to capture and remember them. When I was in my early twenties I started learning about photography and how to capture these images.

Later on, after I got married my wife got into photography. We both would go out photograph nature, landscapes and people. That is when Wraines Photography really took off.

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 "Time may tell us how short or long we may live on earth, but the photographs show us how we lived on earth". 

~Jason Wraines

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